RedCoach FAQs

Q: How is RedCoach’s first-class service different from air transportation?

A: There are several ways in which the RedCoach experience differs from air travel. When flying, passengers must arrive at the airport at least one hour before their flight takes off, and they typically have to wait in line to check into their flight before waiting in another line to pass through security. Cost is an additional hassle. Extra fees for Wi-Fi, seats with extra legroom and checked bags add to the cost of air travel.

With RedCoach, passengers should arrive fifteen minutes before departure and will avoid waiting in long lines. All first-class RedCoach leather seats recline up to 140º. RedCoach allows passengers to check two bags for no additional cost, and passengers are free to use the complimentary Wi-Fi and standard 110V outlets throughout their trip. Passengers will never run out of battery life on their computers or phones, and will always be fully connected while they ride.

Q: How does RedCoach compete with airlines?

A: For any passenger traveling within Florida, RedCoach provides an alternative to airlines, keeping passengers out of long lines and allowing them to use their time more productively at a lower fare with no extra fees.

Q: How does RedCoach keep its travel time comparable to airlines?

A: Because RedCoach runs between regional cities, it offers comparable travel times to airlines. RedCoach transports passengers in a similar time frame to airlines when factoring in time spent checking into a flight, passing through security, boarding a flight, taxiing on the runway and procuring a rental car.

Q: Have business travelers started using RedCoach?

A: A recent customer survey shows that fifteen percent of passengers are traveling for business. The on-board amenities, such as Wi-Fi, lap desks, and standard 110V outlets, appeal to business travelers because they can maintain productivity during the entire trip while spending less.

Q: Why did Grupo Plaza choose to launch RedCoach in the southeast?

A: Grupo Plaza saw the southeast as an ideal market to launch RedCoach for two reasons: customer demand was evident, and the southeast has many large, closely located regional cities. By traveling between these cities, RedCoach keeps its driving time comparable to air travel.

Q: How are RedCoach coaches different from other coaches?

A: While many other coaches are equipped with 56 seats, most RedCoach motorcoaches have only 27 first-class leather seats, which provide double the amount of personal space. Each seat reclines 140 degrees and comes with a lap desk and 110 V outlet, allowing passengers to easily enjoy the free Wi-Fi while they are riding. Other amenities include footrests, clean lavatories, GPS Satellite Monitoring Systems and security cameras inside the coaches.

Q: How much does riding RedCoach cost?

A: Please consult current pricing information. RedCoach designs its fares to cost less than airfare. Ticket prices are also kept comparable to the cost of driving one’s own vehicle, and travelers avoid adding mileage to their personal vehicles.

Q: What does RedCoach do to ensure the safety of its passengers?

A: Passenger safety is extremely important to RedCoach. RedCoach terminals are located in safe areas and all motorcoaches have interior and exterior surveillance systems that are constantly monitored. GPS systems are installed on each coach and are constantly monitored for location and speed.

RedCoach requires a full background check before hiring any new driver. Each driver must have at least two years prior professional driving experience and is regularly tested for alcohol and drug use. RedCoach provides extensive training for its drivers including: safety training, defensive driver training, emergency response, accident reporting, controlling accident scenes, and an additional eight hours of general driving training which includes a coach road test.

Before and after every trip, drivers perform safety inspections on their vehicles, which are required by federal law. In addition, RedCoach performs monthly mechanical inspections on every coach, as well as annual and quarterly safety inspections.

Q: Once RedCoach arrives at the terminal, how do passengers get to their final destination?

A: Some RedCoach terminals have partnered with Enterprise, Alamo and National rental car companies to provide passengers with special rates. Our customer service representatives may also provide information on taxi and shuttle services.

Q: How early should passengers arrive before boarding the motorcoaches?

A: Passengers should arrive fifteen minutes before their coach is scheduled to leave.

Q: Are there any size and weight requirements for baggage?

A: Passengers can check two 50-pound bags free of charge and are allowed one carry-on.

Q: When passengers buy tickets, is their seat on the coach guaranteed?

A: Yes.

Q: Are RedCoach Tickets transferible?

A: No, RedCoach Tickets cannot be transferred to another person.

Q: How far in advance must passengers purchase tickets?

A: As long as routes are not sold out, passengers can purchase their tickets on the day of departure.

Q. Are RedCoach tickets refundable?

A: Refunds can only be made if certain policies apply. For a list of circumstances in which refunds cannot be made, please click here.

Q. Can I receive a refund for a partially completed trip?

A: No. Refund and/or compensations cannot be provided for a partially completed trip. For more information click here.

Q. If the coach arrives late, may I apply for a refund?

A: No. Due to eventualities beyond our control, RedCoach cannot guarantee that every trip will depart on time, although we make every effort to achieve on-time departure. Due to traffic, weather or mechanical problems, this may not be possible at all times.

Q. If my RedCoach coach was late, and I missed an airline flight due to the delay, am I entitled to a refund for my flight ticket?

A: RedCoach is not liable for trips missed using an alternative source of transportation. However, we will gladly accommodate you in a RedCoach route whenever possible. Otherwise, we will try our best to facilitate your travel arrangements.

Q. Can I bring my pet on the service?

A: No, pets are not allowed. You can only bring 1 service animal on board and it must be declared at the time of booking (or declared by calling us at 1-877-733-0724).

*The company has the right to remove the Service Animal from the bus, if the animal is aggressive, to prevent the safety of the other passengers.

Q. What is the difference between your First Class Buses (27 seats) and the Business Class Buses (38 seats)?

A: The main difference between our First Class and Business Class buses is that the business class seats are slightly smaller (width) due to the fact that they have more seats (38), two on each side. In addition, the business class buses don’t have power outlets or lap trays. For more information click here.

Please note that fares are subject to change at any time without notification.


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Also buy tickets over the phone by calling
1-877-733-0724 with a $2.00 processing fee.

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