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The History of RedCoach U.S.A

RedCoach U.S.A is a division of Grupo Plaza, South America’s premier transportation company with more than 50 years of industry experience. Founded by Nicola Cirigliano, Grupo Plaza is now one of the largest transportation companies in South America, transporting 180 million passengers annually throughout Argentina and Peru with its more than 1,700 luxury motorcoaches. Today, Grupo Plaza has expanded its services beyond Latin America and into the United States with the launch of RedCoach U.S.A, which offers travelers throughout Florida a convenient and affordable alternative to flying and driving. Equipped with the latest technology, RedCoach U.S.A provides travelers a truly unique motorcoach experience with its fleet of luxury vehicles that offer the upmost security and safety for its passengers. The first express bus service to offer city-center to city-center travel, RedCoach U.S.A’s terminals and bus stops are strategically located in key cities throughout Florida and each motorcoach meets rigorous maintenance standards and technical reviews performed by highly trained personnel, ensuring the safety and security of its riders. Since its launch in May 2010, RedCoach U.S.A has transported more than half a million passengers throughout Florida and is adding new routes each month to continue its mission of connecting the state. With its burgeoning worldwide expansion, Grupo Plaza is committed to offering travelers a level of quality and service that is the new standard of luxury in the industry.

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