Gainesville UF

1956 Gale Lemerand Dr, Gainesville FL
Stop type: street


Gainesville's combination of college-town vitality and protected natural beauty makes it unique —a place “where nature and culture meet.” A rich melting pot, Gainesville is full of college town fun, inexpensive and often free attractions for the family, and peaceful, relaxed outdoor experiences for those seeking a slower pace. Home of the Florida Gators, this stop is most convenient for the University of Florida fans, faculty, staff, current and prospective students, and their family.

UF Commuter Lot on Gale Lemerand drive, south of Museum Road.
*Parking available for UF community only and amenities within walking distance (less than half a mile away).

Stop designated for business class service and services 1030 and 1033 of first class.

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