Why You’ll Love Red Coach’s Luxury Seats

On December 9, 2021

Nothing will impact your ability to enjoy an extended bus trip like the condition of the seats. How comfortable are they? Do you have enough legroom? Have they been properly sanitized between trips? How is the view?

We think that you’re going to love the luxury seats on our motor coaches.  

Whether you’re travelling across the state of Florida or making a quick trip from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, you can enjoy the entire length of the journey in these comfortable, spacious seats.

Red Coach seats are about more than a little extra space, though. Anyone can space out their seating arrangements a little. We’ve gone the extra mile (pun intended) to provide the most relaxing and comfortable luxury seats on any motor coach in the state. Here’s why we think you’ll love them, too.

The Seats

When we started our search for the ultimate comfort, we couldn’t find anything that met our demands and expectations. All the bus seats we came across were just like all the other ones we’d seen before. They were fine, but they weren’t amazing.

We wanted to offer something more.

So, we went all the way to Argentina to find the ultimate comfort.

In the city of Rosario, we got the best leather in the country. They were even able to custom-make two types of seats for us, which we immediately switched with the stock seats that were already in our buses. We simply kept the old frames and installed the new 100% Argentinian leather.

These seats are 18 to 21 inches wide (depending on which class you book) and they combine with the other amenities onboard to provide an amazing experience.

The Setup

The setup in First Class and Business Class are almost the exact same, with only a small difference or two. In both situations, you will get:

  • Foot rest
  • 140-degree reclining seats
  • 110V power outlets
  • Free Wi-Fi

In First Class, passengers can take advantage of some extra legroom, seats that are 21 inches wide (rather than 18), and a convenient laptop desk.

These amenities are reliable and convenient and can make the trip go by even faster. Whether you want to get some work done, watch a favorite movie on your mobile device, or just kick back and relax in the most comfortable seating around, it’s all possible with RedCoach.

The Complete Experience

While the seats are critical to the overall experience, at RedCoach, we strive to make the trip as comfortable as possible from beginning to end.

Whether you’re relaxing in the comfortable leather seats, using the Wi-Fi and laptop desk to get some work done, or just enjoying the beautiful scenery as we cross the state, we have created a unique experience that travelers can enjoy.

Beyond the comfort, though, we also have a high priority on safety. Our drivers have extensive experience behind the wheel, and we monitor every mile of every trip through an 8-camera feed and GPS tracking system. If the unexpected ever happens, we have qualified people ready to spring into action and get you back on the road.

Book Your Seat Today

We have fewer seats on our motor coaches than you might find on other buses. This is simply because we chose to reduce the number of potential passengers so we could make the experience more comfortable and more spacious for everyone who gets on one of our buses.

That does mean that seating is limited on each of our bus routes, so don’t wait to book your bus tickets today and ride in luxury across Florida.


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