What You Need to Know about Travelling in 2021

On June 20, 2021

Travelling has changed a lot in the last couple of years. 2020 ground things to a halt and it was all the industry could do to stay afloat.

Now, as restrictions are starting to lift, 2021 is full of anxious travelers who can’t get out on the road (or in the air or on the water) fast enough. After so much time locked away from the fun and adventure we previously enjoyed, this is looking like a light at the end of the tunnel and a breath of fresh air and a weight off the shoulders all rolled into one.

Having said that, though, it’s important to remember that things aren’t fully back to normal. There are still a lot of concerns and precautious that could change the way you travel.

So, as we all start getting back out there, these are the things you need to know about travelling in 2021.

Preparation is Key

Travelling isn’t going to be something you want to do on the spur of the moment. It’s going to require a little more preparation to ensure you reach your destination and enjoy everything along the way.

Do some research on your destination. Find out what kinds of restrictions remain in place. Are the restaurants open regular hours? Do they require masks? Has there been a flare up in COVID cases in the area? Do they require a negative test before you can enter the country?

Obviously, many of those questions don’t apply if you’re travelling by bus in Florida, but if you’re taking a vacation out of state, these answers could make or break the journey.

Expect Crowds

We’ve just spent the last year being nervous and wary of crowds, but in many of the most popular destinations in Florida, you simply won’t be able to avoid them.

In fact, some are predicting a major travel boom throughout the rest of this year. All the people who had to cancel their travel plans last year are more determined than ever to make it out in 2021.

The crowds themselves, though, are just one part of this equation. The other half is the issues of supply and demand.

This year, there is likely going to be a lot more demand than can easily be met by the hospitality industry. Consider the rental car situation. Many rental car companies sold off major portions of their vehicles during the pandemic just to make ends meet, and now they don’t have nearly enough cars to meet the demand.

(We will note that we still have our full fleet of luxury motor coaches, so this was not a problem that hit us.)

Road Trips are More Appealing than Airline Travel

While the major airlines are returning to previous levels of activity, many travelers still don’t feel comfortable on an airplane – especially if they’re travelling with children. This has made road trips more popular, so you can expect to see more crowds at roadside stops, gas stations, travel lodges, and other locations that are normally associated with travelling the open road.

Flexibility and Simplicity Should Guide Your Plans

It’s great to get back out there, but this might not be the time to plan a vacation across multiple states or countries with an itinerary that is packed with activities, sights, and locations.

Give yourself a little more leeway this year. Have a destination in mind, but let yourself be sidetracked if something else comes up. You might also consider a backup plan, just in case something happens between the start of your trip and your arrival that disrupts your ideal vacation.

If things change, don’t look at it as a disappointment. Find the opportunity to explore the unexpected, instead.

Start Booking As Soon As Possible

Bus tickets, plane tickets, hotel rooms, guided tours, and everything else we associate with a nice, long vacation will require booking ahead.

As we previously mentioned, a travel boom is on the way, and that means a lot of people are going to start clamoring for limited resources. This could drive the prices up, and last-minute travelers will face some difficult decisions and may have to change their plans. (That’s okay, though, because you’re being flexible about your traveling this year, right?)

Take Advantage of the New Normal

A lot of companies in the hospitality industry have had to make some changes to their business model. They had to create loyalty rewards, lower their rates, and be more forgiving in their cancellation policies – anything to incentivize more visitors.

Most of those changes are still in effect today, so check for any special accommodations and, if something happens that impacts your travel plans, move quickly to cancel your reservations and get your money back. As the demand continues to return to pre-pandemic states, these windows for cancellation will start to get stricter again.

A Long-Awaited Trip

The pandemic has changed the world. In the hospitality and travel industries, it has made companies rethink their normal practices and it has kept people at home, unable to enjoy the adventure of seeing new places and experiencing new things.

Travelers all over the world have been waiting for an opportunity to get out there and do something. For some, it’s a highly anticipated trip to Disney World. For others, it’s a question of getting out on the open road and not turning around until half of the gas money is gone.

Wherever you’re going, if this is your time for traveling, keep these guidelines in mind and make your trip one to remember.


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