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Ultimate Comfort

RedCoach Travel Information

About the seats

If you are traveling for long hours, you want to sit on the most comfortable seat you possibly can, right? However, when we looked for a ride that would provide real comfort, we struggled. Thus, we decided to go to Argentina to get the seats that met this vision. We travelled all the way to the city of Rosario, where they have the best leather of the country, and had 2 types of seatings custom-made for us. Back in the US, we switched out the original seats of the bus and kept the frames to cover them with our new 100% Argentinian leather. These seats, are 18 to 21 inches wide (depending on the class) and besides being crafted to perfection, they come with a footrest. All these features combined give you a comfort almost comparable to your bed, and not available on any other coach in Florida, or even the US.

RedCoach Travel Information

It’s not just about the seats

Even though we take pride on our seats; it’s not just about them. Not only we have the most comfortable seats ever, every one of our passengers has access to standard 110v power outlets right next to them and complimentary WiFi. With these services, our passengers can access the onboard movie system to watch some of the latest films, enjoying their trip without worrying about data charges or battery life. 

Also, like any other vehicle of this category, we have an on-board lavatory.

Since we offer first and business class seating, we have to make the distinction that even though they all enjoy basic RedCoach amenities, the 27 first class passengers enjoy extra legroom, extra seat width and a convenient laptop desk.



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