Travel to Top Florida Parks this Summer

On July 28, 2021

Florida is a hot destination every summer. There are attractions that bring people from all over the world. While everyone knows about most of the theme parks, there are also some of the best water parks in the nation here. Here are some of the best water parks in Florida that you should take your family to this summer.

Aquatica Orlando

Located in Orlando, this water park is perfect for families. There is entertainment for every age group in the park, including enclosed clear tubes that go through pools with real life dolphins. Every slide and attraction push the boundaries on what you are typically used to seeing in a water park. There are high tides, geysers, fast currents, and more in every adventure-packed attraction in the park.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Any water park created by Disney will be exactly what a fan would expect- everything is large scale, fun, and magical. This water park is located in Lake Buena Vista, near Orlando. True to Disney form, the fun is in the details. Mount Gushmore offers a ski lift to reach the top, which is one of the largest slides in Florida at 120 feet tall. Blizzard Beach has zones for every age, so this water park is great for families of all ages and stages. Some of the most popular features in each zone include mini slides for young kids, a rope drop for teens, and slides that go up to 55 mph for adults.

Adventure Island

If you are hitting up Busch Garden’s in Tampa, plan a stop at Adventure Island, which is located right by it. In fact, stopping here after is a great way to cool off from the Florida heat. There are attractions for thrill seekers all through the park, but the main feature here is called The Colossal Curl. At 70 feet high, it uses twists, turns, and dips to give riders a thrill through 622 feet of sliding.

Even though this park is geared toward thrills, it is a great destination for families. There are plenty of mid-range slides, playing areas with water toys for kids, and even a lazy river. Everyone can find something to be entertained here.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is also located in Lake Buena Vista, which means you have two parks near each other to choose from in the Disney world. This water park is just as fun as the other park, but offers different attractions. Some of the popular features here are a 6-foot wave surfing area and underwater exploration. In a large, saltwater reef environment, visitors can snorkel to find underwater treasures from the Caribbean like exotic fish and coral. Visitors can even see stingrays and sharks in the park.

Universal Volcano Bay

Another fun Orlando attraction, this water park is volcanic themed, complete with a volcano. Visitors will find waterfalls, slides, and an aqua coaster that twists and turns inside the volcano. There are also places to leisurely float, the Kopiko Wai Winding River and the Waturi Beach wave pool. For the smaller people in your family, a mini volcano with water fountains and splash pad.

Get Around Florida Easily

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