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Travel Tips

Travel Tips

We put a lot of emphasis on our safety measures and affordable luxury; therefore, we want you to keep it safe and classy on board as well. Follow these guidelines so everyone can enjoy the RedCoach experience:

  • Please stay in your seat and fasten your seatbelt while the bus is moving.
  • This is a stickler for us — no switching around seats. There’s a reason people choose aisle or window.
  • For your safety, please keep the center aisle of the coach clear at all times.
  • Unruly behavior on board will not be tolerated.
  • Please keep your ringer and text messaging sounds off and remember that if you do need to take that important phone call, please keep your voice at a reasonable level.
  • If your want to listen to music or use our on-board entertainment system, please put your earphones on and keep the volume of down for the sake of the other passengers and your own ear drums.
  • It’s okay to bring food on board, as long as they don’t have strong smells that might disturb other passengers (or the driver). If you are bringing food on board, we ask that you please be careful not to spill your drinks.
  • Keep it clean. There is a trash bag on the back of the coach next to the restroom.
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages, use of drugs, cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is prohibited.


If you are a travel agency and you are interested in doing business with us, please send us an email to [email protected].