RedCoach’s VP of Marketing Florencia Cirigliano spoke with CNBC about how bus travel is a safe and affordable alternative to air travel

On January 4, 2022

Many people are looking to expand their horizons in 2022 and are looking for safe ways to travel, as well as comfortable alternatives to air travel. CNBC recently explored the experiences of local travelers who traveled by motorcoach bus.

One New York City Resident said:

“I don’t have anything against it,” he said, referring to motorcoach leisure travel. “But the specific situation of traveling from Pittsburgh to New York has a familiarity about it for me that doesn’t exist anywhere else, in terms of feeling comfortable aboard a bus.”

Red Coach’s Vice President of Marketing, Florencia Cirigliano, was interviewed for the piece. She was quoted in the CNBC article saying, “People here are used to bus travel, but it’s a different kind of bus travel,” she said. “When we started, people said ‘What are you doing? Americans don’t want buses.’

“But many people who would never get on a regular bus would probably jump out of their cars if they were given our kind of bus option.”

Bus travel isn’t going anywhere and RedCoach is proud to serve the Florida and Texas in bus travel. The article mentions that the bus industry serves twice as many travelers as Amtrak.

“One trend that’s picked up steam in the last five years is business- or first-class motorcoach lines that offer point-to-point service along with limited, luxury seating; food and drinks; and, in some cases, on-board attendants. They are also competitively priced compared to rail and air offerings on similar routes, and are often highly discounted in comparison,” the article states.

At RedCoach you get the first-class seating on every ride you take, which allows us to stand out in the industry.

“When people try our seating and experience the comfort, the Wi-Fi [and] the convenience of our [drop-off] locations compared to flying and going through the TSA and all, they’re kind of hooked,” said Cirigliano.

RedCoach doesn’t charge for seat assignments or luggage (two pieces and a carry-on are allowed for free). We also offer the RedRiders rewards program, making luxury bus travel both affordable and appealing.

“With all the wear and tear, the mileage and how much it costs to fill your tank, [driving] adds up,” Cirigliano said. “We’re luxury but also affordable and we want to make this concept available to everybody.”

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