Our Top COVID Disney World Travel Tips

On May 18, 2021

Disney World is slowly opening their park to more visitors with less restrictions. During these COVID times, travel has been tricky and there are a lot of changes. If your family is planning a trip to Disney World in 2021, here are some great tips to keep in mind for your vacation.

1. Bring extra masks and sanitizer. Masks are still mandated in the park and will be in effect until at least September 13, 2021. Be warned, the workers’ top priority is enforcing that rule. It is important that even kids keep their masks on properly to stay in the park. Make sure you bring a pack of extra masks because if one breaks or gets lost, it is a hassle to get another one. Also be sure to bring hand sanitizer. While Disney employees are busy keeping things sanitized, you may want to use some sanitizer to keep yourself from getting sick.

2. Make a Park Pass Reservation. Until 2022, Walt Disney World will be requiring Park Pass reservations. This is a system that helps the park know when guests will be in the park and stay within their capacity limits. To make a reservation, you must have valid park passes, so make reservations right after purchasing. Their system will have you book your entire family or group so the reservations are the same. As soon as you know your vacation days, buy tickets and make a park pass reservation. Reservations are only required for the first park you enter and park hopping is now open. Since requirements and processes are always changing, find current information on the official Walt Disney World park when your vacation is close.

3. Planning for Food. There are limited dining options available in the parks right now. If you want to make a dining reservation, you must do it quickly. Reservations will open 60 days early and they fill up fast. With less carts and restaurants open, you may want to plan to bring your own food. Keep some prepackaged snacks in a backpack so you can stay longer in the park and keep the family satisfied.

4. Be Flexible. Remember that rules are always changing. Stay informed on the rules and plan your vacation as thoroughly as possible. When it comes to being on vacation, try to be flexible. While Disney is trying to keep things fun and visitors want to go back to normal, they still have rules to follow to stay open. If parks hit capacity, rides have to close down, or things don’t work out how you think they should, be kind and flexible.


5. Use Red Coach. Red Coach luxury buses are located throughout Florida and help travelers get where they need to go. If you are planning a trip to Disney, don’t worry about renting a car. Instead, use our luxury buses to get your family to the park and save yourself the headache of parking. We offer extra leg room, comfortable seats, and onboard Wi-fi so everyone in your group can travel comfortably. See our routes and plan your trip today. 


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