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Travel Miami to Gainesville — Gainesville to Miami

At RedCoach, you can find an affordable, luxury option for travelling by bus from Gainesville to Miami, or to come the other direction on the Miami to Gainesville bus and arrive rested and relaxed and ready to enjoy your time in these incredible cities.

Whether you’re travelling to see the Everglades and Miami Beach or heading up to Gainesville to see the Gators dominate the visiting team, you can arrive in real style on a RedCoach luxury bus. Our goal is to ensure that, no matter where you’re going, every trip is as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Book your trip today and enjoy a relaxing ride through Florida.

RedCoach Amenities

RedCoach offers a true luxury bus service with the kind of comforts and amenities that make the time on the road just fly by. We offer a more comfortable ride and more amenities than any other bus service in Florida, so you can sit back and relax, enjoy some of your favorite shows, or stay connected the whole trip to get your work done on the way.

No matter where you’re heading, we can get you there in comfort and style. You can even avoid the hassles of the airport, the TSA, and the inevitable flight delays by choosing a more comfortable and efficient way to travel.

We’ve worked hard to create a travel experience unlike any other because we want to make your trip more than just a bus ride. We want it to be productive, efficient, and enjoyable. These features provide:

  • Ultimate Comfort: Kick back and relax on your journey. Our large seats are spread out, so you can recline up to 140 degrees and take full advantage of all that legroom.
  • On-Board Entertainment: Connect your devices to the free WiFi and power outlets to access our entertainment system, browse the web, or play your favorite games.
  • Utmost Safety: Our motor coaches are fitted with a cutting-edge GPS system and 8 camera feeds, so we can keep track of every bus on every trip.
  • High Productivity: Need to get a lot done? Our routes stop only at the most popular destinations, so you can continue working (or napping) with minimal interruptions.

Stops & Routes

We have 3 different routes that stop at nearly every key city in the state of Florida, and your Gainesville to Miami bus tickets (or tickets in the opposite direction) provide great comfort at an affordable price. These routes go from one city-center to the next, so you can get where you’re going quickly, without an excessive number of stops along the way.

Compare this to the train from Gainesville to Miami, which is a far less comfortable experience, far more crowded, and prone to constant stops along the way. With RedCoach, you just get your tickets and kick back and enjoy the trip.

These routes extend the length of the entire state, and there are many things to see and do along this road for travelers who want to experience something new. Take a look at the detailed route information and schedule to get on a trip that stops in all the right places.


  • Miami to Tallahassee via Orlando
    • Miami - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm Beach - Fort Pierce – Orlando – Ocala - Gainesville - Tallahassee
  • Miami to Tallahassee via Tampa 1
    • Miami - Fort Lauderdale - Fort Myers – Tampa – Ocala - Gainesville - Tallahassee
  • Miami to Tallahassee via Tampa 2
    • Miami - Fort Myers – Tampa – Ocala - Gainesville - Tallahassee

Stops on this trip:

Each of our three routes can get you from Miami to Gainesville – or vice versa – and there are different stops along each one, including:

Along the Way

Where can we take you?

Whether you’re taking advantage of our bus service from Gainesville to Miami or you’ve already got your bus tickets from Miami to Gainesville booked in advance, there are a lot of incredible things to see and do along the way. At RedCoach, we make sure that, no matter where your final destination, your journey will be comfortable and efficient.


While Orlando is nearby and has a lot of well-known destinations, Miami certainly has plenty of things to see and do. Just a few of your options include:

  • Miami Beach (Miami)
  • Bayside Marketplace (Miami)
  • Walt Disney World (Orlando)

There are plenty of things to experience in Gainesville, too, especially if you happen to be one of the legions of die-hard Gator fans.

  • Florida Gators game at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (the largest football stadium in Florida)
  • Butterfly Rainforest
  • Florida Museum of Natural History


RedCoach connects many of the largest and most popular colleges in Florida to other cities throughout the state. So, whether you’re a student headed home for the weekend, a parent off to visit your diligent student, or a serious Gators fan off to see the next home game, we can help you get to:

  • University of Central Florida – UCF (Orlando)
  • Florida State University – FSU (Tallahassee)
  • University of South Florida – USF (Tampa)
  • University of Florida – UF (Gainesville)
  • University of Miami (Miami)
  • Florida International University (Miami)
  • Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University – FAMU (Tallahassee)
  • Florida Gulf Coast University – FGCU (Fort Myers)


Already arranged for your transportation from Gainesville to Miami? Ready to hit the road? Do you know where you’re going to stay? Our stop is close to several of the most popular hotels.

  • South Beach Hotels
  • Miami Beach Hotels

If you’re taking the Miami to Gainesville route, you may consider hotels like:

  • Hilton University of Florida Conference

Ports and Airports

When your journey over the land is just the first leg of the trip, RedCoach makes it easy to reach the major airports and ports in and around Miami. We offer an extremely comfortable service from Gainesville to the Miami or Orlando airport, so you can arrive relaxed and ready for the next leg of your journey.

  • Port of Miami
  • Orlando Airport
  • Gainesville Regional Airport
  • Miami Airport

Shuttle Options to Get You to Your Final Destination

At RedCoach, we don’t just drop you off at your destination city and leave you to fend for yourself. We offer several options to help you reach your final destination. Whether you’re heading to the airport Miami or to cheer on the Gators in Gainesville, there are several ways to get where you’re going.

In many cities, we offer a safe and convenient shuttle service to get you to the nearby attractions or hotels, or you can use the convenient public transit system, rent a vehicle, or take advantage of car sharing services like Uber.

There are many different alternatives that can help you end your trip, so take a look at your options and find the most efficient way to finish strong.


Let us show you how to get from Gainesville to Miami – or Miami to Gainesville – in comfort and style.

Book your trip now and discover how affordable and comfortable it really is.


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