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Fort Pierce to Gainesville – Gainesville to Fort Pierce

Book your next trip from Gainesville to Fort Pierce – or from Fort Pierce to Gainesville – and discover how efficient, safe, and comfortable this journey can be.

Whether you’re headed up to watch the Gators win at home or traveling south on business or to visit your family, RedCoach offers a travel experience unlike anything else in the state of Florida.

You can kick back and relax in our oversized seats, enjoying the spacious legroom, or you might take advantage of our high-end amenities and connectivity to finish some work online, watch your favorite movies, or just stay connected with friends, family, and co-workers.

Book your trip today and ride in luxury to your destination.

College Students being Productive on their ride with RedCoach USA

Travel in Luxury

Extra legroom and seats that recline      up to 140 degrees
Free Wi-Fi and On-Board                          Entertainment
110V Power Outlets to charge your          devices
2 Checked Bags + 1 Carry On Free
Bus tracking, GPS system, and 8              camera feeds

RedCoach USA - Route Map

Connecting All Over

With our different routes, we are able to connect you all across Florida and now into Atlanta, GA. Travel with more comfort while avoiding the hassle of TSA with RedCoach.

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RedCoach Amenities

RedCoach offers a true luxury bus ride with more comfortable seating and more amenities than any other motorcoach company in the state. While other bus lines are only interested in getting as many people as possible from point A to point B, we want you to be able to spread out, lay back, and enjoy the journey.

No matter where in Florida you’re heading, we can get you there in comfort and style. That means we also make it easy for you to avoid the hassles of the airports, the TSA, and the inevitable flight delays by choosing a more comfortable and efficient way to travel.

We’ve worked hard to create a travel experience unlike any other because we want to make your trip more than just a bus ride. We want it to be productive, efficient, and enjoyable. These features and amenities provide:

  • Ultimate Comfort: Kick back and relax on your journey. Our large seats are spread out, so you can recline up to 140 degrees and take full advantage of all that legroom.
  • On-Board Entertainment: Connect your devices to the free WiFi and power outlets to access our entertainment system, browse the web, or play your favorite games.
  • Utmost Safety: Our motor coaches are fitted with a cutting-edge GPS system and 8 camera feeds, so we can keep track of every bus on every trip.
  • High Productivity: Need to get a lot done? Our routes stop only at the most popular destinations, so you can continue working (or napping) with minimal interruptions.

Stops & Routes


We have 3 different routes that stop at nearly every key city in Florida, so you can ride the shuttle from Fort Pierce to Gainesville – or Gainesville to Fort Pierce – at an affordable rate.

Our routes extend the length of the entire state, so if you want to go a little further on your trip, we can get you there. Take a look at the detailed route information and schedule to get on a trip that stops at all the right places.


  • Miami to Tallahassee via Orlando
    • Miami Airport - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm Beach - Fort Pierce – Orlando – Ocala - Gainesville – Tallahassee FSU – Tallahassee Downtown
  • Miami to Tallahassee via Tampa 1
    • Miami Airport - Fort Myers FGCU – Tampa Downtown – Tampa USF - Ocala – Gainesville UF – Tallahassee FSU – Tallahassee Downtown
  • Miami to Tallahassee via Tampa 2
    • Miami Airport – Fort Lauderdale - Fort Myers FGCU – Tampa USF – Ocala – Gainesville UF – Tallahassee FSU – Tallahassee Downtown

Stops on this trip:

When you travel from Gainesville to Fort Pierce, you will go through several cities and stops along the way, including:

  • Fort Pierce
  • Orlando
  • Ocala
  • Gainesville

Along the Way

Where can we take you?

There is a lot to see and do along these routes. At RedCoach, we make sure that, no matter where your final destination, your journey will be comfortable and enjoyable.


When you travel from Fort Pierce to Gainesville, you’ll be able to check out some popular attractions, such as:

  • Butterfly Rainforest at the Florida Museum of Natural History (Gainesville)
  • Florida Museum of Natural History (Gainesville)
  • Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park (Gainesville)
  • Navy Seal Museum (Fort Pierce)
  • Manatee Observation & Education Center (Fort Pierce)


RedCoach connects many of the largest and most popular colleges in Florida to other cities throughout the state. So, whether you’re a student at the University of Miami headed home for the weekend or a huge Gators fan off to see the next home game, we can help you get to and from:

  • University of Florida (Gainesville)
  • University of Miami (Miami)
  • Florida International University (Miami)
  • University of Central Florida (Orlando)
  • Florida State University (Tallahassee)
  • University of South Florida (Tampa)
  • Florida Gulf Coast University (Fort Myers)
  • Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University – FAMU (Tallahassee)


Ready to hit the road? Got your tickets booked? All you need now is a great place to stay in Gainesville. You might check out places like:

  • Hilton University of Florida Conference
  • Holiday Inn University Center Gainesville
  • Drury Inn & Suites Gainesville

If you’re headed to Fort Pierce, you could explore options like:

  • Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Fort Pierce
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Ft. Pierce

Ports and Airports

When your journey over the land is just the first leg of the trip, RedCoach makes it easy to reach the major airports and ports in the area. You can reach the following ports and airports:

  • Port of Fort Pierce
  • Gainesville Regional Airport
  • Treasure Coast International Airport

Shuttle Options to Get You to Your Final Destination


At RedCoach, we don’t just drop you off at your destination city and leave you to fend for yourself. We offer several options to help you reach your final destination. Whether you’re heading out to see the Gators play or to check out some of the great outdoors attractions throughout the state, there are several ways to get where you’re going.

In many cities, we offer a safe and convenient shuttle service to get you to the nearby attractions or hotels, or you can use the convenient public transit system, rent a vehicle, or take advantage of car sharing services like Uber.

There are many different alternatives that can help you end your trip, so take a look at your options and find the most efficient way to finish strong.


Let us show you how to get from Fort Pierce to Gainesville – or from Gainesville to Fort Pierce – in comfort and style.

Book your bus tickets now and discover how affordable, safe, and comfortable this trip really is.


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