An Alternative Way to Travel for Business in Texas

On February 15, 2022

Travelling for business in Texas has a unique set of challenges. They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and that certainly applies to the space between our major cities. Getting to your destination on time and fully relaxed and ready to conduct business can be rough if you have to spend several hours trying to navigate the congested Texas highways.

There is an alternative way to travel for business in Texas. RedCoach makes it easy to get from Houston to Dallas – or most of the other major cities in this state – at an affordable price and arrive relaxed and ready to take on the world.

What Does RedCoach Offer?

At RedCoach, we’ve worked hard to develop a travel experience that is focused on comfort and safety, giving you the perfect opportunity to make the most of your time between locations.

Our motorcoaches are designed with extra legroom, and the seats are 18 to 21 inches wide. This means you’ve got plenty of room to stretch out and be comfortable. You can recline up to 140 degrees, too, so you can lay back and rest up before you reach your destination.

Every passenger has access to standard 110V power outlets and complimentary WiFi so you can access your favorite entertainment or stay in touch with your co-workers as you travel. There’s even a convenient laptop table so you can work without having to rest your computer on your lap.

Safety is also a major part of the RedCoach experience. Our motorcoaches are monitored by our control center for the entire trip. There are 8 total cameras inside and outside the bus, so we know what’s happening at any given moment.

Why Use RedCoach for Business Travel?

Do you have a big meeting in Dallas? Are you presenting an important proposal to a group of business people?

You need to show up on time, relaxed, confident, and fully prepared.

When you drive from, say, Houston to Dallas, you’re going to do most of it on some pretty busy and really congested roads. This is not what one could call conducive to relaxation and productivity.

When you spend hours on the road trying to figure out why this person ahead of you refuses to go any faster than 5 miles under the speed limit when you’re trapped in the lane behind them, well, chances are you’re going to arrive more frazzled than fresh.

Now, compare that to the RedCoach experience.

You can let someone else deal with the traffic while you kick back and relax in our super-comfortable chairs. On the other hand, you can take advantage of the time to put those finishing touches on your presentation, answer some important emails, or draft a new document for the business.

Time is money. And when you’re travelling through Texas, there’s a lot of time you can use to be productive. Rather than fighting traffic and building stress

Once You Arrive

Travelling by motorcoach across Texas is, obviously, a little different than when you drive yourself. Once you arrive in the Dallas or Houston, you won’t be able to just hop back into your car to go find something to eat. You’ll have to rely on some alternative methods to get around.

However, with a little extra planning, you can traverse these cities simply enough. Consider some of the following:

Getting around Dallas

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a good way to get from place to place once you arrive in Dallas. It’s extremely simple and convenient to use, and very affordable if you don’t have a very large travel allowance from your company.

While there are many walkable areas throughout the city, the Dallas Fort Worth area is really large. You may want to keep your rideshare app handy to make sure you can get where you are going.

Transportation in Houston

You don’t need a car to successfully navigate Houston. METRO is Houston’s public transportation system that includes a light rail, local bus system, cab service, and The Wave (a jitney service that shuttles people around some popular nightlife areas).

Make the Most of Your Trip

When the business portion of your business trip is over, you may not be returning to Dallas or Houston any time soon, so make sure you don’t miss out on some of the biggest attractions in these cities.

You could catch the Cowboys or the Astros play. You might visit the JFK museum or check out the Dallas Arts District. There are countless things to do and see throughout the state, so while you have a little extra time once all the business meetings are concluded, make sure you use the time you have to see as much as you can.

And don’t worry if you feel a little tired after finding the best restaurants and attraction in Texas. You can kick back and relax on one of our luxury motorcoaches all the way back home.


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