A Local’s Guide to Tallahassee

On April 2, 2019

Tallahassee is a great place to live. It has great weather year-round and the people are interesting and nice. With a local’s perspective to Tallahassee, you really come to learn the hidden gems of the city. Looking for guidance on places to see? Here are some of the cool local spots in Tallahassee.

1. Stop by Lofty Pursuits

The weather is almost always nice in Tallahassee, which means ice cream is enjoyed all year long. If you are looking for the best place to get ice cream, Lofty Pursuits is the place to go. It’s a local favorite because of the variety of flavors, but also the quality of the ice cream.

 Just so you know, choose your flavor carefully. There are some flavors that will turn your mouth bright blue, which isn’t always ideal in social situations, like a first date. If you have friends or kids with you though and blue mouths are what you’re after, order freely.

2. The Downtown GetDown

This Tallahassee tradition has been going on for years and is done to mark the beginning of the FSU football season. This party is basically the most epic pre-game party and people show up in the masses. It is such a big, popular event that streets are shut down to host the crowds.

Local bands will come and play sets while party-goers sample the large variety of food from local hot spots. This is an event you won’t forget, so bring your friends, wear your FSU gear, and get ready to celebrate one of the greatest sports nights in town.

3. Landis Green Bench

A fun local spot surrounded with stories of love is the Landis Green Bench or the “kissing bench”. All through the Florida State University campus, there are benches placed. On the edge of Landis Green, you will see this stone bench with a sign that reads, “If this bench could talk/ oh the stories it would tell/ of kisses young and old/ if you sit, beware the spell.”

Students have used this bench for kissing after it was originally started by a professor and his wife, looking for a place to go to kiss, or “canoodle”. The rhyme suggests that many other couples have had similar fates on the bench, creating an interesting tradition.

4. The Festivals

The Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church holds a Greek festival to celebrate the Greek culture of Tallahassee. This event is a big deal and one you don’t want to miss. There is a lot of amazing Greek food, including all the classics you’d expect, like spanakopita, baklava, and plenty of tzatziki, with some unexpected treasures mixed in.

There is Greek dancing and plenty of people in costume too. Even if you don’t want to fully immerse in the experiences, you’ll have fun watching others get into it.

Another popular festival is the Swamp Stomp music festival, where you can enjoy food, art, and of course, music. This festival is put on by the Tallahassee Museum and is meant to celebrate the true swampland, Tallahassee.

5. Sports Teams

The FSU Football team isn’t the only sports team in town. Aside from other various indoor football teams, there is rugby, roller derby, and ice hockey. The Conquistadors are the local Rugby Football Club and they are good. The city provides good support and has even seen the Conquistadors go undefeated.

The RollerGirls are the roller derby team and they are tough. What’s better is that they donate a good portion of their proceeds to charity, so you feel good about going to watch women fight on wheels.

If hockey is more your thing, come support the Tallahassee Tiger Sharks. They are the local minor professional team and always play a good game.

6. Historical Sites

We are proud of our state history. Whether you choose to visit one of the Missions, St. Marks lighthouse, one of the many museums, the Black Archives, or an archaeological park, there is a deep and rich history here. From explorers venturing around the state to the vast Native American history here, Florida has a big backstory.

Add into it that Tallahassee was the temporary Union headquarters while Abraham Lincoln gave the Emancipation Proclamation here, and it just gets better. The locals are so proud of these historical events and more. If you want to really immerse yourself into the culture, it’s a good idea to learn some of that history.

7. Enjoy Abundant Wildlife

There are many wildlife refuges that people can visit in the area. You might want to invest in a pair of binoculars and learn the local birds or find out when the great Monarch migration stops here on their way to Mexico (it’s October).

Typically, the only animals that people think are interesting in Florida are alligators, but there is a wide variety of birds, reptiles, insects, and animals that live in the swampy areas of Tallahassee that are also fun to see. Not all parks and refuges cost money either. Many offer free or discount days if they charge, so look into your options before scheduling a visit.

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