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Ten tips to make your trip become THE TRIP


¿Do you want to optimize time, money and comfort? Everything counts to make your trip unforgettable. How do we travel in a smart way? Practice these travel tips.


1- Plan your trip


It is important to plan your trip, this is the best way to save money and time. The more your know your destination before arriving there, the more you will enjoy the experience. Buy travel guides or download them in your phone (which you can do using Wi-Fi).


2- Travel when everyone else is working


When your job allows it, it’s convenient to travel outside of the holiday season, mainly school holidays. Prices are more accessible and destinations are much less crowded. BEWARE! Not all the destinations have  the same seasons. It’s good to choose seasons where the weather is not extreme, not too hot and neither too cold.


3- Don’t look for massive places, but the ones that you really like


It’s hard to visit Disney and not to take a picture with the famous castle, right? Or being in Tampa and not to ride the famous Busch Gardens roller coasters! Don’t follow the crowd, remember that travelling is a very personal experience, and the best is to follow your own taste.


4- Don’t travel with a lot of luggage


Carrying an industrial size backpack or suitcase is never recommended. In addition to how heavy it can result, there are many factors to consider:


  • Permitted weight by the airline (but in RedCoach we offer two suitcases and one carry-on for FREE)
  • If you travel in group, you will have to bring all that luggage in the car, which is very uncomfortable.
  • Bring only the necessary, and if it’s a long trip choose to wash your clothes while traveling.
  • Shampoo, and other personal hygiene products can be purchased in your destination.


5- Take advantage of the Points Programs


If you are a frequent traveler and you accumulate miles or points in airlines or hotels, don’t hesitate in using them. Normally it expires and it’s good to take advantage of their benefits. Get informed of loyalty programs, and all the options they offer to take in count at the moment of choosing a flight or hotel. RedCoach offers the RedRiders Program, every time you travel you accumulate points to earn a free trip.


6 – Use Wi-Fi


There is no excuse, now Wi-Fi is everywhere (restaurants, hotels, universities, theme parks, attractions, beaches). You can be in contact without wasting a cent.


7- Less countries, more cities and villages


You have 2 weeks on vacation and you want to visit Gainesville, Tallahassee, Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Ocala, Tampa, within other stops… NO, NO, NO! Focus on what you are really interested, and choose your priorities. That way you will enjoy a lot more of your trip.


8- The Hotel: where saving money is not always important


The Hotel you will be staying is probably the most important decision in your trip. If you visit a city, make sure that the location is good, and preferable, that it had breakfast and Wi-Fi included. If you visit a beach, it’s worth to spend in a Hotel that has a good quality of services (like ALL INCLUSIVE services, or live shows).


9- Use coupons, discounts, credit card promos and become an expert!


A lot of attractions, restaurants and even hotels has promotions and discounts. Most of museums offer a day with free entrance one day in the month, and all of them have special discounts for students, seniors, etc. Search the websites of the places you want to visit and get informed. For example, in our website www.redcoachusa.com you will always find new offers to travel cheaper and with the best service quality (with reclining leather seats, and free Wi-Fi!).


10- Gifts for your friends, family, neighbors, etc.


Every time you travel you have… better said, you feel with the obligation of bringing a gift for every person that wishes you luck before the trip. Forget about it, to do this more pleasant and not having to carry a ton of souvenirs with you, call all your friends when you come back, invite them with a good beer, and tell them the best anecdotes while showing them the pictures… and everyone happy!

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