When travelers buy tickets, is their seat on RedCoach guaranteed?

Your seat is guaranteed with the purchase of a ticket, and you can select the location of your seat online and by phone.

Where can I buy RedCoach tickets?

Tickets are available at terminals in Miami and Orlando, online at and by calling 1-877-733-0724.

How do I get a student discount code and how long does it take to register?

The first step is to register. Once you register, RedCoach will send you a confirmation email with the discount code within 48 hours, which is when the discount can be applied.

Once a passenger arrives at the terminal, how does RedCoach get them to their final destination?

RedCoach offers a shuttle service for an additional fee to hotels in the following locations:

  • Jacksonville: Jacksonville Airport, Downtown Jacksonville, Jacksonville University, and the University of North Florida
  • Orlando: Walt Disney, Kissimmee, Universal, International Drive, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando Airport, Sea World, Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach
  • Miami: Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, South Beach, Downtown Miami, and Miami cruise terminals

How soon after buying a ticket can someone ride RedCoach?

Same-day tickets are available, as long as routes are not sold out.

How early should passengers arrive before boarding the motorcoaches?

At least 20 minutes prior to the ticketed departure time.

How many pieces of luggage are included in the ticket price?

Passengers can check two pieces of luggage at no more than 50 pounds each for no additional cost, and can take one small carry-on.

How are RedCoach luxury motorcoaches different from buses?

While many other coaches are equipped with 56 seats, most RedCoachmotorcoaches have only 27 first-class leather seats, which provide double the amount of personal space. Each seat reclines 140 degrees and complimentary Wi-Fi is offered throughout. Other amenities available to travelers include footrests, clean lavatories, GPS Satellite Monitoring Systems for safety and security.

Are RedCoach Tickets transferable to another traveler?


Can I bring my pet on the service?

The only pet that is allowed is a service animal, which must be declared at the time the ticket is purchased. *The company has the right to remove the Service Animal from the bus, if the animal is aggressive for the safety of the other passengers.

What is the difference between first class, business class and economy?

First class has 27 seats that are each 21 inches wide, while business class has 38 seats that are each 18 inches wide. The 54 seats in economy class are also 18 inches wide.

Please note that fares are subject to change at any time without notification.