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Why You May Want to Consider the Bus When Traveling in Florida


When you have a business trip in a city four hours away by car, there may be a few choices on how to get there. In my case, it was a meeting in Miami, four hours south of where I live in Orlando. Looking at my alternatives, flying out of ...

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RedCoach USA Adds new route to service


  The new route comes before the company’s high-demand season.   Miami, FL – Sept 2016 – RedCoach, the only luxury motor coach transportation service in Florida, announced that it has included a new route from Fort Lauderdale to the University of South Florida in Tampa. The route’s service will ...

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RedCoach and Florida International University Partner to provide service starting September 19th


New stop brings students and area residents access to routes across the state Miami, FL – September 16, 2016 – RedCoach, the only luxury motor coach transportation service in Florida, has partnered with Florida International University (FIU) to provide transportation services, giving students, faculty and area residents access to 10 ...

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Students, Professors, Alumni and all University-affiliated Employees!


Why drive or book an expensive flight to any of 10 Florida destinations when you can take advantage of RedCoachUSA’s “Just for U” deal for only $5 each way!* Relax on our plush reclining leather seats, catch up on your work or surf the web & watch the latest movies on your laptop or smartphone. And, don’t worry!  You’ll never run out of ...

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RedCoach partners with UBER for seamless transportation door-to-door!


Book an UBER ride to any of RedCoachUSA’s thirteen stops in Florida and step aboard one of our luxurious First or Business Class buses. Upon arrival, another UBER driver can meet the bus and deliver you to your final destination. Imagine never paying exorbitant parking fees, flagging down a taxi ...

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Ten tips to make your trip become THE TRIP


  ¿Do you want to optimize time, money and comfort? Everything counts to make your trip unforgettable. How do we travel in a smart way? Practice these travel tips.   1- Plan your trip   It is important to plan your trip, this is the best way to save money ...

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How do you save money with RedCoach?


“The way to wealth depends primarily in just two words: Work and frugality”. This words belong to Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the US back in the eighteenth century. In RedCoach we take this statement very seriously. We work every day to provide the best service, but ...

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Luxury buses scooping up more passengers

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Jill Pack popped her seat back, took a handful of potato chips out of her box of snacks, cast a languid gaze at Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton singing and dancing up on the TV screen, and pronounced her verdict: In all her years of traveling to see her relatives ...

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Riding With RedCoach


When you want to get somewhere in the northeast, hopping a train is always an option. In California, cheap flights are fairly plentiful. If you want to travel around Florida, though, your options are limited. Amtrak covers the east coast of the state just twice a day, and at relatively ...

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Passengers travel in style on luxury buses


Nov. 14, 2014- 0:55- Steve Harrigan reports from Miami, Florida Watch the video http://video.foxnews.com/v/3892051207001/passengers-travel-in-style-on-luxury-buses/#sp=show-clips

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